Sophrology Method

Sophrology Method

Everyone must have heard of sophrology, because the pattern of alternative medicine it's pure that one hears more about it elsewhere. For the uninitiated sophrology refers to rest wellbeing and breathing. In truth, it is more than that.

To start with, sophrology is a few decades old invention. It was invented in Spain in 1960 by a Colombian neuro-psychiatrist, Dr. Alfonso Caycedo. Rejecting the hard core processes of psychiatry, he developed a new method which is more respectful of sufferers and takes into consideration their personality and their peculiarities. It was aimed to establish the awareness of psychiatric patients to help them get better.

The purpose of this methodology is to ascertain or restore harmony between body and mind. The inventor of the strategy has been inspired by Jap strategies like yoga and meditation and is coupled with Western relaxation techniques. All this raises awareness to fight the anxieties, fears and tensions.

It helps restore the arrogance of the affected sophrologie prix person, by inculcating the spirit of constructive thoughts. It is a approach of understanding oneself, to search out and alter oneself.

The tactic has been democratized over time. People who are required to do full efficiency can have applicable benefits from it. This is the case of athletes, for example earlier than their run, swim or soar events, some of them attend sophrology meetings, while others use prevention to be ok with themselves. Pregnant ladies comply with the identical practice to organize for childbirth.

The meetings have two phases the place one lie or sit comfortably:

- A phase of rest of the body by means of the observe of breathing and visualization of each a part of the body (from head to foot), accompanied by the voice of a sophrologue.

- A phase of awareness, access to higher areas of consciousness because of breathing workout routines and concentration.

Through the meetings, you'll study easy workouts and training that will assist you to in your daily life, combat stress, nervousness, anger, nervousness, fatigue, nervousness and enable you to acquire patience and calmness.

Solely a simple sufficient training is required. For those who discover the appropriate therapist, sophrology ought to help you feel better, both in your thoughts and body. You'll be ready to battle towards tension, stress and unwind easily from conflicts. Your life will be modified with the conquest of a better life-saving technique.